How to Earn Points
And Receive ZEM

In this simple tutorial you will learn how to start earning points
and how your zepeto app will receive zem as a reward for earned points

Step No. 1

Enter website from your device where ZEPETO app is installed and choose one of the packages and click "Open Package".

Step No. 2

This is package with tasks that is asking you to choose any task and complete it. For example, in this 499 Points package you will be asked to complete two tasks in order to receive your points.

Step No. 3

Unlock instructions should pop-up for that task and it will guide you to successfully complete the task, please follow it.

Step No. 4

At disclaimer page click on "Go To App Store" and you will be redirected to app store or google play store to download the app (if you're using Android device).

Step No. 5

Now just click "Get" and download the app. Create account or complete other requirements that has been asked in Step No. 3 and continue to the next task if you choose package with more than one task required.

Step No. 6

After successful completion of all task, restart your ZEPETO app and check your ZEM balance. If you completed all the requirements, ZEM should appear immediately on your balance.